18 Fun Easter Basket Stuffers That Are Candy Free

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It happens every Easter morning. The kids get loaded down with candy from the Easter bunny and the grandparents (and that pretty bowl of chocolate mini eggs that's sitting in the center of the table) ... and then Easter candy overload sets in and has the potential to ruin the whole day. So maybe this year's Easter basket will be totally candy-free, or maybe there's just a little LESS candy in there and a little more FUN. 


Candy-free doesn't have to mean an Easter basket filled to the brim with boring old pencils, a new toothbrush, or tiny boxes of "Mother Nature's candy" -- aka raisins. The key here is to find a few small and colorful gifts they'll love -- miniature trinkets, little activities, and other entertaining playthings. These kinds of basket fillers are exactly what the kids didn't know they wanted the Easter bunny to bring this year. And trust us, they'll enjoy these mini, sugar-free presents a lot longer than the nine Peeps bunnies they usually consume before 8 a.m. on Easter morning too. 

We've rounded up plenty of fun, non-candy Easter basket ideas for the kids this year. From gifts for little engineers, creatives, nature lovers, readers, or hipster types, there's something in here for every kind of kid. When they see these kinds of fun things in the basket, they won't even miss all those extra chocolate eggs, promise!

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