15 Cute & Clever Ways to 'Store' Kid Clutter

Between the endless collections of blocks and the infinite plush toys, kids' toys often take up more space than the kids themselves. Their playrooms are overflowing with playthings, craft supplies, and what seems like the entire inventory of a Toys 'R Us, but don't get overwhelmed. It is possible -- and relatively simple -- to reign in all that clutter.

Before you grab the garbage bags and start loading up on toys to take to Goodwill, how about getting creative? A few boxes, some elastic rope, and clever ideas can lead to some pretty inventive do-it-yourself kids' clutter solutions.

kids clutter solution

Get ready to see the room transform from a toy-infested doom to a neat (for now anyway) den.

#5 is such an easy fix! Which one is your favorite?



Image via 6th Street Design School