This 3-Year-Old Has a Better Wardrobe Than You Can Even Dream Of (PHOTOS)

london scout

Toddlers aren't generally known for their fashion sense (beyond decorating their latest outfit in lunch), but London Scout is a notable exception. At the age of 3 -- 3! -- this style-savvy New Yorker started her own fashion blog, Scout The City, which is written by her mom, Sai de Silva. And this tiny fashionista has clearly made her mark on the toddler fashion world, with nearly 90,000 page views per month on her blog and 75,000 Instagram followers so far.


Sai, a social media strategist, says she launched her daughter's fashion blogging career as a way to spare her single friends from oohing and ahhing over every photo of her daughter. "I realized I was over-sharing photos of my daughter on Facebook," she admits. "I didn't want to be that obnoxious mom."

She never imagined London's blog would garner attention beyond a few friends and family.

"I mean, who wants to follow a kid they don't know?" Sai points out. But something about London's amazing outfits with easy links on where to buy each item appealed to moms -- many of whom have asked her how she manages to get her daughter out the door looking so great.

london scout and sai de silva

So what's the secret? How do you raise a kid who's this well turned out?

Sorry, but Sai can't help there.

"There is no secret," she admits. "I raise her just like any normal 3-year-old. Sometimes I put her in a nice outfit and say, 'OK, try to stay clean!' Then I turn my back at a coffee shop for two seconds, and she's on the floor picking up coffee beans. She doesn't just get dirty, she gets filthy. She just happens to be fashionable, too."

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Another fact that may surprise London's followers is that her mom doesn't spend a ton on clothes.

"Many assume we're extremely wealthy when London's wearing something from Old Navy," Sai laughs. "I always tell moms you don't have to break the bank to be stylish. If you know how to pair things properly, you don't need to spend tons on a Fendi jacket they'll quickly outgrow."

Plus, Sai doesn't typically let London choose her outfits. "I give her a choice of two or three outfits," she says. "Then she's allowed to accessorize. She's really into crown headbands right now, and the color blue, only it can't be any blue other than 'Elsa blue.'"

While London is aware of her blog, her involvement doesn't go beyond posing for photos and contributing the occasional comment. But Sai hopes she'll start taking more interest in it when she's older. She's definitely into the outfits!

"She's kicked me out of my own walk-in closet!" Sai laughs. "Now, it's filled entirely with her clothes."

Got any fashion tips for dressing toddlers?


Image via scoutfashion/Instagram

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