8 Ways to Upcycle K-Cups Into Cool Kid Crafts (PHOTOS)

8 Ways to Upcycle K-Cups Into Cool Kid Crafts (PHOTOS)

You know that whole thing where the inventor of the K-Cup said that he regretted it big time? Yeah. Whoops. Anyways, as convenient and delicious those little pods are ... they really are bad for the environment. Most of them are made from a kind of plastic that just sits in landfills and refuses to decompose. No bueno. But the good news is that those cups don't ever even have to reach a landfill because they're the perfect size for crafting with your kids!

Yep. Crafting. And we're not the first people to figure this out ... not by a long shot. There are a million ideas out there for using your old K-Cups adorably and creatively, and we rounded up our favorites that you can do with kids.

Let's all do ourselves (and the K-Cup inventor and the earth) a favor and turn these little guys into adorable memory games or flower pots instead of letting them sit in landfills for our kids to deal with in a few decades. Sound good? Good.

Which craft is your favorite? Do you think you would ever use #7?

Image via Surf and Sunshine

  • Graduation Caps


    Image via PracTips

    All you need to make Becky from PracTip's K-Cup graduation caps is some paint, paper, thread, pushpins, and scrapbooking brads. These little hats are so versatile, too -- try using them as placeholders, party favors, cake toppers, or as gifts for grad by having guests write messages on them.

  • Card Holder


    Image via Happy Hooligans

    Little fingers are famously bad at holding on to a hand of cards, so over the years moms have come up with a million ways to keep the cards in the hands and off the floor. Though we're long-time supporters of the upside-down board game box method, Jackie from Happy Hooligan's K-Cup card holder might just trump it. It's smaller and kids will love that their cards can look like a fan like Mom's and Dad's.

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  • Miniature Planters


    Image via Surf and Sunshine

    We can't get enough of these K-Cup planters from Jeana at Surf and Sunshine. K-Cups are the perfect size for starting seeds or planting baby plants, and they're even better for teaching kids about growing their own flowers. You can plant them from seeds or have kids dig up some wild flowers in the backyard. Jeana even has a tutorial for hanging them from windows.

  • Sound Memory Game


    Image via Entirely Smitten

    Jillian from Entirely Smitten came up with this genius sound and memory game for preschoolers as an alternative to your basic image-matching game that kids love to play. For this version, Jillian filled recycled K-Cups with buttons, pennies, toothpicks -- you name it. She had her kids try and match the sounds by rattling the cups around. So fun!

  • Marquee Lights


    Image via The Kim Six Fix

    You can more or less bring the Vegas lights into your own home with Kim from The Kim Six Fix's glamorous K-Cup marquee lights. We love how original this craft is. Mom will need to handle the power tools, but the rest is fun for kids to help with, too ... and it makes for a fun alternative to their night light.

    Try different shapes to fit the theme of your child's room -- maybe a dinosaur or a football?

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  • Mini Pot of Gold


    This mini pot o' gold by Crystal from Make It Easy Crafts is perfect for St. Patty's day scavenger hunts with the kids ... especially for the little ones who need more proof that leprechauns do exist! Gold and green glitter give this craft just the right amount of magic.

  • Frankenstein Treat Holder


    Image via CelebBabyLaundry

    Ok so yeah, Halloween is a couple months away, but these K-Cup Frankenstein snack holders are perfect for a "scary" movie night with the kids or a monster-themed party. Robyn from CelebBabyLaundry came up with the idea, and it's a great activity for kids ... once you handle the spray paint, they can decorate the rest all by themselves!


  • Multiplication Practice


    Image via PracTips

    Some kids aren't that interested in math ... unless it's a game. Becky from PracTips used recycled K-Cups as a tactile multiplication practice for her kids to make practicing math stackable, knock-down-able, and generally more fun.

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