8 Ways to Upcycle K-Cups Into Cool Kid Crafts (PHOTOS)

You know that whole thing where the inventor of the K-Cup said that he regretted it big time? Yeah. Whoops. Anyways, as convenient and delicious those little pods are ... they really are bad for the environment. Most of them are made from a kind of plastic that just sits in landfills and refuses to decompose. No bueno. But the good news is that those cups don't ever even have to reach a landfill because they're the perfect size for crafting with your kids!

Yep. Crafting. And we're not the first people to figure this out ... not by a long shot. There are a million ideas out there for using your old K-Cups adorably and creatively, and we rounded up our favorites that you can do with kids.

Let's all do ourselves (and the K-Cup inventor and the earth) a favor and turn these little guys into adorable memory games or flower pots instead of letting them sit in landfills for our kids to deal with in a few decades. Sound good? Good.

Which craft is your favorite? Do you think you would ever use #7?

Image via Surf and Sunshine