8 Wise & Wonderful Dr. Seuss Quotes That Will Change Your Child's Life

If your kid is lucky at all, they've been reading Dr. Seuss their whole life. His stories are wacky and a little bit weird ... but they're also some of the wisest and most inspiring books kids will get their hands on.

What's even better is that his advice is timeless, and the stuff they're reading now will continue to be important for most of their lives.

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He wrote about curing the slips and slumps, and about bouncing back from bumps and thumps. He warned us of the dangers of dictators and peer pressure and just being mean, but he also showed us how bright and colorful life can be.

Here are eight of Dr. Seuss's most inspiring quotes to read to your kids, pin on your board -- or even going the old-fashioned route of printing out and taping to your child's bedroom door!

Which quote is your favorite?


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