12 Creative Ways to Save Your Kids' Artwork & Clear Up Space on the Fridge

keychain made from child's artworkIf you've got kids, odds are your home is overflowing with their art -- covering every inch of your fridge and beyond. And sure, it would be nice to save every one of those mini masterpieces, but let's face it: There's just too much, and some are bound to suffer some wear and tear over the years.


But if you just don't know what to part with, help is on the way.

There are creative ways to preserve your favorites -- and clear up space around the house and on the fridge. From quilts to sculptures to stuffed animals, consider these fun ways to save your child's art so you can remember their creative genius for years to come ... or just make room for more pictures from pre-school.

Ways to Save Kids' Artwork

Idea #3 is a masterpiece ... and not as hard as it looks!


Image via Formia Design

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