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12 Creative Ways to Save Your Kids' Artwork & Clear Up Space on the Fridge

keychain made from child's artworkIf you've got kids, odds are your home is overflowing with their art -- covering every inch of your fridge and beyond. And sure, it would be nice to save every one of those mini masterpieces, but let's face it: There's just too much, and some are bound to suffer some wear and tear over the years.

But if you just don't know what to part with, help is on the way.

There are creative ways to preserve your favorites -- and clear up space around the house and on the fridge. From quilts to sculptures to stuffed animals, consider these fun ways to save your child's art so you can remember their creative genius for years to come ... or just make room for more pictures from pre-school.

Ways to Save Kids' Artwork

Idea #3 is a masterpiece ... and not as hard as it looks!


Image via Formia Design

Image via Budsies

1Stuffed Animal

Your kids will love seeing their artwork come to life as a stuffed animal that they snuggle and save for decades. Budsies, for instance, will custom create one for just $69.

2Duvet Cover

This duvet cover covered in kid art is one memorable way to tuck your kids in at night! Jen of a Thousand Words has detailed instructions on her blog so you can make your own. The best part? No sewing is required -- just a fabric marker and a little patience (depending on the size of your duvet). This masterpiece took around 10 hours total, which isn't bad when you consider the magnificent results.

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Image via ZingZingTree

5Transfer to a Glass Jar or Vase

Transferring your kids' art to a glass jar, vase or container isn't as hard as you might think: according to ZingZingTree, all you need is some tracing paper, glass paint, and artificial lead liner to make these cute keepsakes.


If you know your way around a needle and thread, consider turning your kid's artwork into embroidery, which can be done with an embroidery transfer pencil to trace the sketch onto material. From there, you can transfer this artwork onto a pillow, blanket, or place in a frame to admire.

Image via Totally Out of Hand


Turning your kid's artwork into jewelry -- broach, pendant, earrings -- has a lot going for it: One, you get to wear it; two, it lasts forever! Prices at Totally Out of Hand start at $125.

Image via JensScraps/Etsy

9Drink Coasters

Maybe your kids will actually remember to put their glasses on drink coasters featuring their art. Hey, a mom can dream, right? These coasters from Etsy are made of cork, ceramic tile, and cost just $14.99.

Image via ArtKive

10Digitize It

If you're dying to clear some paper from your home, ArtKive will be a huge help, since it allows you to use your smartphone to snap photos of each masterpiece so you have a digital record you can print out at any point. From there, you can share with friends and family or even order books containing the artwork. Cost for the app: $4.99 for iOS or Android.


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