8 Warning Signs of a Spoiled 'Brat'

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8 Signs Your Kid Is a 'Brat'

Every kid has a bad day or throws a tantrum now and then. But we've all run into kids who seem like they take the tantrums too far. They are, well, bona fide brats. So how can parents tell if their own kid is one of them? Well, consider these eight signs for starters. But don't fret; we've also got expert-approved ways to help set a kid straight. While a child might be acting like a brat now, there is still hope that he or she can turn it around in the future.


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We've all been the adult who has to deal with a bratty child. The kid who won't listen, throws a fit when things don't go his or her way, and has a serious attitude problem. But what is a mom to do if she realizes that the bratty child is hers? Just because a child is displaying an attitude now does not mean that he or she will grow up to be spoiled. Any children can be trained out of their bad habits if given the right guidance by their parents -- which sometimes means activating some tough love for their betterment. We found these expert-approved ways for dealing with a child who is being disrespectful. The key word -- be firm. Brats thrive on a parent who caves and will always continue their bad behavior. Take a look at this helpful list of ways to deal with a child who is a brat! 

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