'Sesame Street' Gives Kids Taste of Dirty Politics in 'House of Cards' Spoof (VIDEO)

It's a dark and stormy day on Sesame Street, where today "Frank Underwolf" is reigning supreme in the latest installment of Sesame Street pop-culture parodies. The newest TV show to get a Street treatment? House of Cards!


This big, bad Frank Underwood ... er, I mean Underwolf  bares his fangs and drawls about his plans to huff and puff and blow down the three houses behind him, which look suspiciously like U.S. government buildings. But (spoiler alert!) by the time he settles into the White Brick House, the three little pigs, who were awful quick to scurry out of there, blow it down around him. Foreshadowing? Hmm ... I guess we'll find out on Friday, when Season Three of House of Cards is released on Netflix.

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Oh, and there are a couple quick subtraction lessons thrown in, so your toddler will get something out of this, too. Even if they're not old enough to joke about the corruption in Washington yet.

What do you think? Are you ready for Season 3? Is your toddler?


Image via Sesame Street/YouTube

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