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15 Cool Kid Crafts to Use Up Those Extra Toilet Paper Rolls in Your House

toilet paper wall hanging

Honestly now: what family doesn't generate a gazillion toilet paper rolls -- especially with kids who love to use, oh, 100 squares of TP for every trip to the potty? It seems like such a waste ... that's why we decided to present the coolest toilet paper roll crafts for kids. 

Whether you've got a holiday coming up or just looking for a rainy day time-killer -- these toilet paper roll crafts will give you no shortage of  ideas to upcycle something that usually gets thrown in a trash!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Who would have thought to make #4? (Get it?)


Image via how does she

Image via crafty morning

13, 2, 1... Blastoff!

Toilet paper roll tubes' cylindrical shape have "rocket" written all over them. And it's super simple: aside from these bathroom castoffs, all you need is construction paper and some tinfoil which adds a space-age finishing touch.

Image via Mommy Poppins

2Toilet Paper Animal Puppets

What could be simpler? You fold down the top of a toilet paper tube to create the "ears" for a cat, pig, or other animal. Decorate with markers, and you've got an instant toilet paper roll puppet. Let the shows begin!

Image via satsuma

4Burlap Owl

No one will even guess that a humble toilet paper roll serves as the starting point for this cute toilet paper roll owl craft: just wrap in burlap, and glue on felt wings.


Image via Crafts Unleashed

6Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

What's great about these toilet paper roll monsters is that the creative possibilities are endless based on the materials at hand -- from googly eyes to pipe cleaners to Washi tape. Your kids can create a whole monster family! And they double as treat containers.

Image via how does she

8Toilet Paper Wall Flower

OK, so if you've got a LOT of toilet paper rolls to burn through and a big blank wall to cover, have your kids simply cut the tube in inch-wide O's then glue them together into a huge wallflower. So simple, so impressive!

Image via crafty morning

9Toilet Paper Tube Lorax

In honor of Dr. Seuss Day (March 2), it makes sense to create a toilet paper tube Lorax, since he's all about saving the environment. What better way to do that than recycle toilet paper tubes in his likeness?

11Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunny

Here's an eco-friendly alternative to using those plastic eggs to hold Easter treats: just press in the ends of a toilet paper tube -- which not only stay shut, but look like rabbit ears and legs! Decorate with googly eyes and whatever else you have on hand and you've got Easter bunny candy containers.

Image via crafty morning

12Bubble Wrap Trees

Toilet paper tubes make perfect tree trunks -- then, to create fetching fall foliage, paint watercolor on bubble wrap then press on a piece of paper. It's the perfect fall table decor.

Image via Munchkin Time

14Toilet Paper Roll Fox

This cute toilet paper roll fox uses string and beads for the legs and feet. He was originally designed to celebrate Earth Day, but he'd delight your kids any day of the year.


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