10 States That Vaccinate the Most & the Least -- Is Yours on the List?

10 States That Vaccinate the Most & the Least -- Is Yours on the List?

toddler getting a vaccineIf you're pro-vax, anti-vax, or advocate for an adjusted schedule, it might all just depend on your state. Or at least according to the latest numbers. The Centers for Disease Control and Population just released their vaccination rates for the country, and we have the states with the highest and lowest immunization rates.

For all children aged 19 to 35 months, the CDC recommends a full schedule of vaccines: the polopvirus vaccne, the measles-containing vaccine, the Hib vaccine, the HepB, the varicella, and the PCV. And depending on those vaccines, the Centers compiled their state rankings.

Take a look at the slideshow below for the 10 best (from best to worse) and worst (from bad to worst) states at vaccinating kids.

Does your state make the list?



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  • 1. Most -- Nebraska


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    Coming in first place is the Cornhusker State. Nebraska has 79 percent of its toddler population completely vaccinated.

  • 2.Most -- Massachusetts


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    And in second place in the country is Massachusetts. The state has a vaccination rate of just about 78.5.

  • 3. Most -- Iowa


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    The rate of vaccinations in Iowa makes it one of the best in the country: 78.3 percent of toddlers have received all required doses.

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  • 4. Most -- Connecticut


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    Moving on back to the East Coast, we have Connecticut, which comes in fourth, where 78.2 percent of kids are vaccinated.

  • 5.Most -- Alabama


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    While it usually ranks toward the bottom of most well-being lists, Alabama is one of the best states when it comes to vaccinating its kids. In fact, 77 percent of all children have received all of their recommended shots.

  • 6. Most -- Maryland


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    Maryland is the only Mid-Atlantic state to make it into the top 10. It's rate of vaccinations is 75.8, which puts it squarely in the top selection of states.

  • 7. Most -- Pennsylvania


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    The Quaker State has made it onto the "Best" list! It has a vaccination rate of 75.5, which means just about three-quarters of its toddlers are vaccinated.

  • 8. Most -- Utah


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    And the last state to have more than 75 percent of its toddlers immunized is Utah, which comes in at 75.2 percent.

  • 9. Most -- New Hampshire


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    Another New England state makes the top list. This time, New Hampshire is at number nine due to its vaccination rate of 74.9 percent.

  • 10. Most -- Mississippi


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    And coming in at number 10 is the most surprising state of all. Mississippi's vaccination rate is 74.6 percent, putt it solidly in the top round of states. No question about that.

  • 10. Least -- South Carolina


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    And now for the bottom 10. First comes South Carolina, which has just 66.5 percent of toddler vaccinated.

  • 9. Least -- New Mexico


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    The Southwestern state falls almost one whole percentage point lower than South Carolina. New Mexico comes in with just 65.7 percent of its toddlers immunized.

  • 8. Least -- West Virginia


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    And not far behind is West Virginia, which has an immunization rate of just 65.5 percent.

  • 7. Least -- Montana


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    And just behind West Virginia is Montana, which ranks at 65.4 percent of immunizations for its kids aged 19 to 35 months.


  • 6. Least -- Arizona


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    The last state to have more than 65 percent of its population immunized is Arizona. And it barely makes the mark with a rank of 65.1 percent.

  • 5. Least -- Alaska


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    Though Alaska doesn't often make out "bottom 10" list, it's rate of immunizations plants it squarely towards the end, with a rank of 63.9 percent.

  • 4. Least -- Oklahoma


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    The Sooner State's vaccination rank is just 62.7. And that means its in the bottom four on the CDC's list.

  • 3. Least -- Ohio


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    Just about 61.7 percent of this Midwestern state's toddlers have been immunized. Conversely, that does mean that about 38.3 percent of them are not.

  • 2. Least -- Nevada


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    And as second-to-last, we have the state of Nevada. The home of Las Vegas has an immunization rate of just 60.6 percent.

  • 1. Least -- Arkansas


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    And in last place, we have The Natural State. Arkansas has just 57.1 percent of its toddlers immunized, giving it the worst rate of vaccinations in the whole country.


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