10 Kids Tell Us What Being in Love Looks Like

couple kissing in front of their kids

My 9-year-old always covers his face when he sees people about to kiss in movies or TV shows. “UGH,” he says. “GROSS. BAAAARF.” I don’t know how long it will be before he stops dramatically recoiling from displays of affection, but I’m hopeful he manages to get it under control before his wedding day (“Do you take this—” “EW. GAG!). While he’s rolling his eyes and pretending to hork up a lung, let’s hear from some NICER children on what they think being in love looks like: I prompted my friends on Twitter to ask their kids “How do you know when two people are in love?” and here’s what they had to say.


“When they're holding hands and walking together." -- Helena, 9

Aw. That’s sweet. Holding hands, adorable.

“It looks like kissing, and hugging, and giggling, and holding hands.” -- Matilda, 8

Right? Ah, the innocence of children. So simple, so perfect.

"They help each other, rather than hit each other." -- Zoe, 10

That’s ... hmm. Okay, sure.

“When a boy and a girl mash their faces together and make a bunch of snorts.” -- Katy, 5

Wait, make a bunch of what?  

"Can I draw it with sheep from Minecraft?" -- Henry, 7

I ... guess so, Henry. See, when a Mommy sheep and a Daddy sheep love each other very, very much, sometimes they ... you know what, never mind.

"Hmm I dunno. Kissing? And hugging? *pause* Sitting in the shade feeding each other?" -- Atticus, 5

Ah, the hotly anticipated “sitting in the shade and feeding each other scene” in Fifty Shades of Grey, burning up a screen near you this February.

“It looks like, you know, all that mushy gushy stuff.” -- Adrian, 6

Are we talking textures, here?

"I can't know. Is there cake?" -- Nolan, 3

This isn’t a zen koan, Nolan.

“When they have a dog I know they love each other because dogs are a lot of work.” -- Joey, 7

Dogs don’t even wear diapers, Joey. They have no idea how much harder things are going to get.

“Can you turn my cartoon back on now?" -- Jack, 3


“They like each other and are friends and say they want to marry each other." -- Carter, 6.5

Awww. You got it, buddy.

Go ahead, ask your kid what being in love looks like -- share his or her answer in the comments!


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