10 Creative Ways to Make Kids' Boo Boos Feel Better

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  • Frozen Play-Doh Ice Pack


    Image via she just glows

    You know what makes a great ice pack? Frozen Play-Doh: according to Janie at she just glows, Play-Doh holds the cold but stays malleable -- perfect to wrap around bumps and bruises. Just stash some in a Ziploc bag, freeze, then break it out when the need arises.

  • Flavored Animal Tongue Depressors


    Image via SmileMakers

    If you need to peer down your child's throat to figure out if they've got strep or tonsillitis, these fruit-flavored tongue depressors with animals on one end ($54.99 for a big pack of 160 at SmileMakers) will make it easier to get them to open wide and say Ahhhh ...

  • Decorative Cast Covers


    Image via CASTCoverz!

    Breaking a leg and schlepping around on crutches is a pain, but your kids will at least feel fashionable with a funky Cast Coverz leg cast ($19.99 at CASTCoverz!). Comes in an array of patterns from Batman to Rainbow Swirl; some even come with faux fur cuffs.

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