10 Creative Ways to Make Kids' Boo Boos Feel Better

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Whether your child has just suffered a bump, bruise, scratch, or more serious injury, it is within a parent's DNA to do everything possible to make that owie go away. But besides medication, how can you make that happen? Well, look no further than the list of fun ways to make boo boos feel better. From cool Band-Aid hacks to fashionable cast covers, this rundown of ideas can alleviate the pain of everything from injections to broken bones.


Some you can buy; others you can make at home in under a minute. The next time you hear your kids go "Owww!" head here for inspiration on how to make things better.

Make boo boos feel better

We all have plenty of #8 lying around. Have you ever tried this trick?


Images via Reddit; Maryna Kulchytska/shutterstock

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