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20 Extra Sweet Valentine's Day Crafts Kids Can Make

valentine's day craft fruit loop bird feeder

Dismiss it as a Hallmark holiday, but Valentine's Day definitely offers a burst of shiny, happy, loving energy in the middle of what's often a fairly dreary time of the year. And in classrooms around the country, little ones will be prepping for and celebrating the holiday in a variety of ways. At home, it's possible to get in on the action, as well, by working with children on some heartwarming, cute, and maybe even somewhat humorous Valentine's Day crafts.

Perhaps as an alternative to traditional Valentine's Day cards or simply as a way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon, working with kiddos on crafts for the mushy holiday can be supremely rewarding for all involved. Not only will V-Day crafting offer them an opportunity to get in touch with their ever-evolving creativity, but making a gift that they can pass on to someone special in their life -- be it a friend at school, their grandmother, a neighbor, or a distant relative -- can be a brilliant opportunity to teach children about craftsmanship, generosity, and the fulfillment of selfless giving.  

From sweet suncatchers to Froot Loop bird feeders and a bevy of other project ideas from all over the Internet, these holiday crafts will keep our families entertained indoors all month -- and fill our homes with lots of loving vibes.

Valentine's Day crafts for kids

1No-Sew Heart Pillow

This No-Sew Heart Pillow from Krokotak.com is an easy, colorful way to make an adorable craft in a pinch. All you need is felt fabric or polar fleece (the cloth must threadless), scissors, and wadding (cotton).

2The Day It Rained Hearts

This craft is based on the book The Day It Rained Hearts, so moms might want to hit the library for a day of reading and crafting. But even if moms haven't read the book, kids will adore creating this love storm. All they need is construction paper, string, and crumpled white tissue paper (or use cotton balls for a puffier cloud-like effect).

3Plastic Bottle Vase

This Valentine's Day vase craft gives you the perfect place to put your flowers. Plus, it's a smart recycling effort using plastic bottles. And you'll never guess what they're covered in: epsom salt, colored with food coloring!

6Fingerprint Heart

Kids will love creating fingerprint heart pictures because they'll get to get their hands messy! Well, their thumbs, anyway. This craft is so simple that even 2-year-olds can do it.

7Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

This tissue paper heart wreath proves wreaths aren't just a Christmas thing and will look great gracing the front door. Best part, though? The fun way kids get to place each tuft of tissue paper with a pencil eraser. It will keep them amused for hours (or for a less time-consuming craft, just create a smaller-sized heart).

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9Cardboard Roll Valentine Heart

Even if moms don't have a ton of craft supplies, they've definitely got toilet paper rolls! Along with paint and glue, that's pretty much all moms need to create this heart wreath craft with their toddlers.

11Froot Loop Heart Bird Feeder

Shower the birds outside with some love! They'll love pecking these sugary snacks off the Froot Loop bird feeders (in the shape of hearts, of course) almost as much as tots love making it. Simply string the cereal on a pipe cleaner and hang ... then let the bird-watching begin.

12Love You to Pieces Puzzle Art

Of this creativity-fostering craft, Helen Holden of Counting Candles says, "This is a fun yet simple craft. Using puzzle pieces of any size (I found some in the dollar bins), line the edges of a heart with the puzzle pieces. Scratch out the 'I Love You To Pieces' using any format. Add a photo in the heart and a ribbon loop on the back for hanging." So cute!


All that's needed for this whimsical Heart-Weaving craft by Alyson Gembala of ChildhoodExplored.com is a hole-puncher, an assortment of ribbons, an assortment of decorative tape, and heart-shaped paper plates!

15'I Dig You' Candy Pouches

This super-easy craft from Good Housekeeping executive editor Meagan Murphy could be a fun one to do with toddlers. All moms need is candy that looks like dirt, cardboard hearts, plastic baggies and ties, and a plastic (or cardboard!) shovel.

17Baby Hand Print Flowers

Here's one from NannyShecando.com that even babies can work on -- well, with a bit of help, of course! With paint (water colors and poster paint), paper, scissors, markers/pens, and clear/dry glue, moms can make this Baby Hand Print Flowers keepsake anyone will love.

19Tree With Paper Hearts Art

This pretty nature-inspired paper craft from EasyPeasyandFun.com might give a L.O. even more appreciation for the great outdoors!

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