Mom Crashes Car While Filming Kids' Backseat Dance Party (VIDEO)

woman driving carWhen your kids are having an adorable dance party or rocking out to their favorite music, the first thing you want to do is whip out your phone and record them. Grandma will appreciate it, and with any luck, that little clip might even go viral. But let this one video serve as a stark reminder that no matter how cute your kids are, it's no excuse to ignore the rules of the road. Which is what one mom whose video has gone viral should have had in mind ... instead she was recording her kids' backseat dance jams and ended up crashing the car.


With the kids inside.

Seriously. Take a look:

In case you missed it, Warning, moms, WARNING!

Those viral videos we see of kids goofing off in the backseat are cute and all, but they're not worth totaling your car and harming everyone inside. Don't have a passenger to film it? Don't do it.

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And above all else, think about the example you're setting. If your children see that you're on your phone while operating a two-ton machine, they're not learning the best lessons. If you're a careless driver, chances are they'll mimic those same actions once they turn 16 and get behind the wheel.

Don't risk it.

What lengths have you gone to to film your kids?


Image via l i g h t p o e /shutterstock

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