12 DIY Child-Proofing Hacks to Keep Kids Safe

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  • Tennis Balls on Corners


    Image via Planner/shutterstock

    If you've got some old tennis balls lying around your house you no longer use, they can be recycled into great baby-proofing: just cut a hold in the ball, then wedge it onto sharp corners of tables, chairs and other furniture, says Lisa Abdinoor, a consumer safety expert at Safety 1st.

  • Prevent Bathtime Bumps


    Image via Sugru

    Let's face it: baths are slippery, and all it takes is one false move for a baby to stand up, fall over, and bonk his head on the faucet. And that's why Sugru ($12 for 3-pack) is great: out of the packet, this play dough-style polymer can be shaped however you want and sticks to just about anything. Let it set overnight, and it dries into a rubbery bumper (which can be removed later). Great for faucets or any sharp or pointy edge in your house, honestly.


  • Keep Kids in Their Crib


    Image via Giddyupcycled

    Got a baby who's constantly clambering out of his crib, and getting hurt in the process? You can foil his attempts by simply hacking his pajamas: sew a two-inch-wide strip of fabric between the legs of his PJs -- that's wide enough that it won't make him uncomfortable, but it will keep him from swinging one leg over the crib railing to hoist himself out.

  • Pool Noodle Door Stoppers


    Image via Pashin Georgiy/shutterstock

    Keep tiny fingers from getting smashed in doors with a pool noodle -- just cut off a piece, then slit through to the center, then wedge onto the edge of your door.


  • Keep Window Cords Out of Reach


    Image via Sergei Chumakov/shutterstock

    Kids are bound to reach for cords on curtains and blinds, and these are strangulation hazards, says Lisa Abdinoor, a consumer safety expert at Safety 1st. To keep them out of reach, loop them up and tie with twisty ties. (Just be sure to not tie them so high you can't lower the shade all the way down.)

  • Homemade Teething Guard


    Image via Jane Marie Blog

    For babies who just love chomping on their crib railing, you can cough up $50 for a store-bought teething guard, or just make your own fabric teething guard out of fleece for a few bucks.

  • Keep Kitchen Cabinets Closed


    Image via Snyders Tell All

    Kitchen cabinets are irresistible to babies, and if you have ones where the door knobs can be lassoed together, the solution could be as simple as a hair bands (or rubber bands -- whatever rebuffs your baby's prying fingers better).

  • Slip-proof Rugs


    Image via Mikhail Klyoshev/shutterstock

    To keep babies from slipping on rugs, get some rubber matting used to line cupboard shelves. Place under your carpets to keep them in place.

  • Contain Your Surge Protectors in Tupperware


    Image via Laura Riquelme/shutterstock

    To keep your baby from prying around dangerous surge protectors, grab a Tupperware container large enough to contain it, cut out holes for the cords, then seal shut with Duct tape. Problem solved!

  • Duct Tape on Power Outlets


    Image via Anteromite/shutterstock

    A quick fix to cover power outlets? Duct tape or painter's tape. Just make sure it's on there tight so prying hands can't easily rip it off.

  • Pet Gate to Baby Gate


    Image via padu_foto/shutterstock

    Got pet gates? They could make decent baby gates. As Sherlyn Pang Luedtke, author of the Mommy Advantage Book, explains, "I learned that pet safety gates are pretty much the same product as baby safety gates but cost less."


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