11 Genius Mom Hacks to Try When Kids Are Sick

11 Genius Mom Hacks to Try When Kids Are Sick

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Nothing brings out the mom MacGyver in all of us like a sick kid. Whether the little ones are feverish, coughing, or crying over a boo boo, it's in our DNA to make them feel better by any means possible. And that's led moms to come up with some incredibly ingenious solutions for a whole range of medical woes. Ever heard of life hacks? Introducing medical hacks ... ways to make the kiddos feel better with things we all have around the house.

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Child gets sick in the middle of the night when there are no pharmacies open? Or maybe the kid is burning up and a mom needs a fix ASAP. Perhaps a parent wants to make the medicine cabinet well stocked and ready for the next round of sickness. Well, we found some truly helpful tips and tricks for the parent who needs to attend to a medical emergency in a snap. From mixing up homemade "Pedialyte" to nixing nausea with household items, check out these amazingly genius hacks for moms to never feel at a loss with sick kids ever again. 

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Take a look at our favorite, easy medical hacks for the moms who want to be prepared in any scenario. One might be surprised how easy it is to make the perfect first aid kit.

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