11 Cute & Crafty Hair Bows to DIY for Christmas

It's easy to find Christmas decorations for your doors and for your trees, but what about for your kids? Hair bows are an adorable way to add just a touch of Christmas cheer to any outfit, and they're just as fun to make as they are to wear.

From a glittery Frozen bow to a reindeer clip, all of these tutorials are easy to follow. By the end of the list, you'll have a collection of bows that stylish kids looking for a little holiday flair are guaranteed to love ... or at least not rip out of their hair before the end of the holiday photo shoot. 

Which of these bows will you try making this Christmas? Do you think you could make #3?


Image via Amy Giggles Designs; © iStock.com/ArtisticCaptures

  • Christmas Tree


    Image via Amy Giggle Designs

    This adorable Christmas tree bow is a perfect accessory for little ones as the holidays gets closer. You'll need three different colors of ribbon, but it is pretty simple to assemble once you have everything together. And how precious is that bow on top?

  • 'Frozen' Bow


    Image via Bombshell Bling

    This winter obviously wouldn't be complete without some 'Frozen'-inspired accessories. This glittery bow could have belonged to Elsa herself, so of course any young 'Frozen' fans are guarenteed to love it!

  • Poinsettia Bow


    Image via Planet June

    June from Planet June uses felt and tiny wooden beads in her tutorial for this gorgeous poinsettia hair bow. Although it's traditionally a Christmas flower, this could be worn any time of the year. 

  • Snowman Clip


    Image via How Does She

    How cute is this little snowman clip? This tutorial from Kayla for How Does She is not for the faint of heart, but if you have the patience and nimble fingers required, then there are instructions to make a snowman with earmuffs or a little hair bow of her own.

  • Peppermint Flower


    Amy Giggles Designs's Christmas flower hair bow uses leftover fabric and thread instead of the traditional ribbon and glue, so chances are you can make it with scraps laying around the house. The flower shape and chevron fabric is reminiscent of a peppermint candy, making it perfect for a sweet holiday treat for the kids.

  • Felt Bow


    Image via Precocious Paper

    This absolutely flawless felt hair bow from Tessa at Precocious Paper isn't exclusively a holiday accessory, but in the right color it will add the perfect touch of Christmas to any outfit. And it's easy to make -- all you need are a few strips of felt and glue.

  • Rudolph Reindeer Bow


    Image via My Name is Momma

    Our favorite red-nosed reindeer (we're talking about Rudolph, of course) will be gracing the rest of your decorations this Christmas, so why not your little one's hair, too? Linda from My Name is Momma came up with this reindeer masterpiece, which you can make in less than two minutes.

  • Polka Dot Bow


    Polka dots are always a crowd pleaser, and this double layer bow balances the polka dots with bold solid colors. Amy from Amy Giggles Designs made these as a cheap gift for her young dance class. Not a bad idea if you have a lot of children to buy for this season.

  • Gingerbread Man


    Image via LaceyBowsBoutique/YouTube

    Lacey Bows Boutique's gingerbread man bow is a little complicate to create, but the final product is so stinking cute you won't even care. Get prepared with light brown ribbon, white wavy ribbon, and googly eyes and mini jewels for decoration.

  • Felt Flowers


    Almost flapper-esque in style, these felt flowers only require a little creative cutting and gluing to create. Andrea from The Simple Craft Diaries has an easy tutorial, as well as photo proof that these will look absolutely precious in a little girl's hair.

  • Christmas Rosette Bow


    This no-sew Christmas rosette bow can be made out of whatever scraps of fabric you have laying around. All you need to do is wrap the fabric around itself and glue to a felt base. Add a feather for flair, or leave it without. Either way, it's an adorable addition to any Christmas outfit!

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