Disney Has Remade 'Cinderella' Into a Live Action Princess (VIDEO)

Cinderella First it was limited theater runs of 3D versions of its old classics. Now Disney has a new trick up its sleeve to grab our kids -- live-action re-makes of its animated fare. First it was Maleficent. Now a real live Cinderella starring the likes of Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham-Carter is heading our way, and the first trailer of the highly anticipated film has finally hit the Internet.

So what is in store for our kids? Take a look:


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OK, so the mice are probably CGI, not real, live rodents, but they're a bit creepier than the animated version.

On the whole, however, it looks like there's something for the adults in this kids' movie ... which is a welcome change. Blanchett is deliciously evil, and it's refreshing to see Bonham-Carter playing a NICE person for a change. Plus, the message of "have courage and be kind" is one our kids should never stop hearing.

So be ready, parents. Another wave of princess marketing is headed your way ... and there's likely plenty more where it's coming from.

What do you think of the studios remaking classic kid films?


Image via Disney/YouTube

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