10 Fun Toys to Teach STEM Skills to Toddlers

toddler scientistIt's no secret that toddlers love toys, but what many parents may not realize is that even at a wee age, certain playthings can set your children on a career path. Toys can be fun and cultivate a healthy interest in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) at the same time.


Toys that teach STEM skills to toddlers

And since these are the kids who will supposedly grow up and change the world (or at least never be without job offers), we figured we'd point you to the toys and games that'll start them down that path. Whether you're in need of great gifts for Christmas or birthdays or just want to get some tot's brain cells firing, consider these ideas smart investments in your child's future.

Wow, game #2 claims kids can learn WHAT at age 3?! We are impressed!

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