12 Holiday Wreaths Kids Can Make Themselves

Making holiday crafts with the kids can be, well ... let's just say interesting, but with a little guidance and creative direction, even the littlest kids can make bona fide art. And what's better for displaying this holiday than a Christmas wreath made by your little one? We've gathered together 12 of our favorite holiday wreath crafts for kids that won't make you cringe as you hang them on the walls.


These wreaths look adorable, won't shed pine needles all over your stoop, and will have kids glowing with pride over their creations. Some require more parental guidance than others, but all could use a toddler's touch to bring it to life.

How adorable is #6? Which wreath will you make with your kids this year?


Images via Mer Mag; iStock.com/Antonel

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