12 Holiday Wreaths Kids Can Make Themselves

Making holiday crafts with the kids can be, well ... let's just say interesting, but with a little guidance and creative direction, even the littlest kids can make bona fide art. And what's better for displaying this holiday than a Christmas wreath made by your little one? We've gathered together 12 of our favorite holiday wreath crafts for kids that won't make you cringe as you hang them on the walls.

These wreaths look adorable, won't shed pine needles all over your stoop, and will have kids glowing with pride over their creations. Some require more parental guidance than others, but all could use a toddler's touch to bring it to life.

How adorable is #6? Which wreath will you make with your kids this year?


Images via Mer Mag; iStock.com/Antonel

  • Handprint Wreath


    A Christmas classic, and the more hands, the better! Handprint wreaths can be as minimal -- or, cough, messy -- as you need them to be, but this one has some serious charm.

    Amy from My Name is Snickerdoodle put together this handprint wreath with her son. You can put your little ones to work tracing their hands, cutting them out of construction paper, or just gluing them to the cardboard back. There are options for every age group!

  • Popsicle Stick Snowflake Wreath


    Who says all wreaths have to be round? Just because it's not shaped like a donut doesn't mean this super simple snowflake wreath by Kristy from The Diary of Dave's Wife isn’t the perfect wintery decoration for your front door.

    All it takes are some popsicle sticks painted white and a little creativity (because, remember, no two snowflakes are alike). No hot glue required -- which means younger kids can help stick the snowflake together.

  • Santa Wreath


    Maybe this is a little small to be an entirely accurate representation of Santa's belly ... but hey, we're trying to flatter the guy, right? Mari from Inspired by Family Mag created a tutorial for this Santa wreath that's perfect for little hands to jump in and help build. 

    All you need is a wreath base, tissue paper bunched into circles, felt and ribbon for Santa's belt, and a little glue to stick the whole thing together.

  • Gift Bow Wreath


    We have Krissy at B-Inspired Mama to thank for this adorable (and SO quick!) gift bow wreath ornament, which can easily turn into a full-size wreath with enough bows. The kiddies will have a great time sticking the bows all over the wreath, AND they'll use up all the bows that don't match your wrapping paper. Win win? Absolutely.

  • Finger Paint Wreath


    There is no age where finger painting becomes less fun (for you or your kids). This super simple handprint wreath from ABC Creative Learning only takes a little paint and a little mess, and it doubles as an adorable keepsake.

  • Paper Strip Wreath


    This is gorgeous, right? All crafts kids make are beautiful, of course, but this one hardly even looks like a kid made it. Merrilee at Mer Mag came up with this easy paper strip wreath for your kids to craft that you'll want to keep hung up all season long.

    All your kids need to create this beauty is cardboard for the base (Merrilee just cut the middle out of a frozen pizza base), glue, and strips of craft paper.

  • Toilet Paper Roll Wreath


    Snowed in? Restless kids? Here's your savior: Lorie from Reading Confetti came up with a fun paper plate wreath that kids can make -- all from stuff you probably have laying around the house. The whole thing is just cardboard, repurposed toilet paper rolls, a little bit of paint, and a ribbon. Never would have guessed, right?

  • Finger Knitting Wreath


    Not only is this finger knit wreath absolutely stunning, it’s neutral enough to be used during any season. You’ll have to do most of the heavy lifting, but if your kids know how to finger knit (or are interested in learning how -- it’s easy!), then this is the perfect craft for snuggling on the couch together on a cold day.

    Gather together some thick yarn for the kids to knit, floral wire, and a round styrofoam wreath form, then head over to Anne’s tutorial on Flax and Twine for specific instructions on how to put this masterpiece together.

  • Crepe Paper Wreath


    This wreath is so festive and has such a beautiful, winter-y texture to it. Nicolette from Powerful Mothering created the tutorial for this crepe paper wreath with little ones in mind, and it's definitely do-able for younger kids who are still working on their motor skills.

    All it takes is a little cardboard, a little crepe paper in Christmas-y hues, and glue to put the whole thing together.

  • Ribbon Wreath


    Kids who tend to be more independent will love this ribbon wreath by Shaunna for Fantastic Fun and Learning. All you need to do is leave them with a bowl of all those Christmas ribbon scraps that you've been meaning to use up and a wreath shape cut out of cardstock or construction paper ... and a young artist is born.

  • Candy Cane Wreath


    This minimalist and modern looking candy cane wreath is either perfect for kids with a sweet tooth, or terrible -- it all depends on how you look at it. Either way, it's a cute craft that doubles as dessert once the holiday season is over, and Trish from Mom on Time Out has an easy how-to up on her blog. The hidden secret to making this craft so easy? Use a CD to hold the whole thing together!

  • LEGO Wreath


    If your kids are starting to get sick of their LEGO bricks, or even if they LOVE LEGOs and you're starting to get sick of stepping on them all the time, then this LEGO wreath is the perfect craft for your family.

    If you want little hands in there helping but want to avoid a glue gun and -- as Jillian from Mommy Testers so aptly put it -- a trip to Urgent Care, then glue dots are a great option. Have your kids pick out the red and white bricks, and stick away!

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