12 Christmas Traditions for Parents to Start With Their Kids

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Ah, Christmas: it's the perfect time for parents to start some fun family traditions with kids that they can look forward to year after year. For families with young kids at home, it's worth trying out a few to see what everyone enjoys -- and what can create some cherished memories. Parents craving some rituals beyond the ordinary -- i.e., going out caroling, sitting around watching A Christmas Story -- should look no further than this list of creative ideas.


The holiday rituals we've included here are a mix of brand-new activities we'd never heard before, and old-school ideas that have been forgotten by many. (Let's bring them back!) From feeding reindeer to giving toys back to Santa to share with others, these activities and crafts will keep the excitement rolling all month and create some sweet memories families can honor for generations.

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Whether the family is crafty, musical, adventurous, or just plain festive, there's something here to get them into the Christmas spirit. Because what's more exciting than counting down to Christmas together as a family? We can't think of much!

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We're planning to create some cute ornaments with our kids and making a special snack for Santa's reindeer. Merry Christmas!

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