14 Best Cardboard Box Crafts to Make With Kids

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  • Box Maze


    Image via sweetfajr/Instagram

    Here’s one for moms with lots of boxes and lots of space. All you need to do is open up the bottom of a box and tape the flaps so they stick straight out. Do the same thing to the next box and tape them together. When you need to turn a corner, take two boxes and cut one of the flaps off of each. The sides without the flaps fit together to make the inside corners. Keep going until you run out of boxes -- or space!

  • Toy Car Wash


    Image via FrugalFun4Boys.com

    What kid doesn’t love going to the car wash? It’s like a whole other world in there, and Sarah from FrugalFun4Boys came up with a way to re-create that on a smaller scale in your home. Her tutorial for a toy-sized carwash makes great use of leftover boxes. You’ll also need felt, wooden dowels, and a three-ring binder page protector for her version of the craft. 

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