14 Best Cardboard Box Crafts to Make With Kids

always have too many cardboard boxes lying around -- stuffed behind dressers and lining the hallway closets. It's a problem, and one that only gets worse as the holidays get closer, and I end up online (once again) shopping for gifts. But good news, parents, dig out your X-acto knives, masking tape, and finger paints because cardboard boxes can be turned into great crafts for kids -- and hours of fun, whether you have a future musician, race car driver, or pilot on your hands.


cardboard box craft ideas

So this year, as the boxes begin piling up, start breaking them down and cutting, gluing, and painting them into fun toys for young imaginations. The best part? They're free! 

Would you ever try #7? What's the craziest cardboard box craft you've ever made with your kids?

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