16 Hilariously Awkward Photos With Santa Claus

16 Hilariously Awkward Photos With Santa Claus

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Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

'Tis the season for dressing up the kids and paying Santa a visit. But for a lot of little ones, sitting on Mr. Claus's lap and sharing that all-important wish list is NOT the most wonderful time of the year. What is it about St. Nick that's so wonderful in theory and yet so frightening in person? While it's hard to be the parent of the screamer on Santa's lap, it's definitely not uncommon. As the years pass and we have a chance to look back on those photos, they can actually be the source of hours of laughter. 

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If one asks any children above the age of 5 what Christmas means to them, they will absolutely say something to the effect of "Santa bringing us presents!" Children below 5? "Please don't make me see that big, scary guy at the mall!" Maybe it's because Santa is a stranger; maybe it's because the kids haven't caught on that this is the guy who brings them gifts. But sometimes little kids have the most hilarious reactions to visiting Santa for the first time. The screaming, the tears, the general sense of dread ... horrible at the time, hilarious many years later. We found a collection of photos that show just hilariously awkward the whole thing can be. 

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Check out our slideshow of kids who are not quite enjoying sitting on Santa's lap.

  • Mommy!


    Image via Valocity Studios/Flickr

    Can't you almost hear the older brother thinking, He keeps it up, I'm getting all the presents!

  • I'm Outta Here!


    Image via LizMarie_AK/Flickr

    Santa, we've got a runner! Presents or no presents, this little gal doesn't want any part of the man in the big red suit -- or that creepy elf on the right with ears sharp as steak knives!

  • I Wanna Go Home!


    Image via cobalt123/Flickr

    "Santa, what I really want is a nap! And while I'm complaining, I hate argyle! Whose idea was this sweater anyway?" 

  • Christmas Has Gone to the Dogs


    Image via pmarkham/Flickr

    What's that, Santa? Your leg feels warm? Hmmm. Did someone forget to walk Spot?

  • One's Naughty, One's Nice


    Image via melanie_in_texas/Flickr

    While these twins might look alike, their feelings toward Santa are quite different!

  • Ahh! Santa Needs a Breath Mint!


    Image via Nongbri Family Pix/Flickr

    Sorry, Santa, something's not quite right. Note to Mrs. Claus: Perhaps a new mouthwash might make a good stocking stuffer for your man.

  • Bah Humbug


    Image via tonygonz/Flickr

    "What? No tree? No elves? I'll go along with this but I'm definitely skeptical. And don't get me started on this sweater!"

  • You Want What??


    Image via duluoz cats/Flickr

    That look in Santa's eye will scare the naughty right out of any kid!

  • Trying Hard to Keep It Together


    Image via Antre/Flickr

    "I'm trying to be brave but I don't recognize this guy at all!"

  • We Don't Blame You, Kid


    Image via RaGardner4/Flickr

    Could this Santa have a more evil look in his eye? We don't blame this boy one bit!

  • Help Me, Please! Anyone?


    Image via FH Alexander/Flickr

    While this child might be experiencing one of the most terrifying moments of his young life, Santa, getting paid by the hour, couldn't care less. 

  • You're Never Too Old to Be Upset by Santa


    Image via Keith Hamm/Flickr

    "I'm sorry, son, you won't be receiving a Christmas bonus this year after all." 

  • Is It Almost Bedtime??


    Image via melanie_in_texas/Flickr

    A weary Santa is doing his best to keep these three on his lap, and not just run straight for the eggnog. 

  • Didn't I See This Santa on America's Most Wanted?


    Image via Richard Elzey/Flickr

    "Take me home. NOW!"

  • Let Me Tell You Something, Sonny


    Image via Bill.Roehl/Flickr

    "That's right, kid, I am still wearing a pajama shirt, and if you even think about tinkling on my leg, you'll get nothing but coal this Christmas!"

  • This Season Is Too Long ...


    Image via LugoLounge/Flickr

    This Santa just couldn't take one more crying kid -- can we blame him? 

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