4-Year-Old's Brutally Honest Insults to Mom Crack Us Up (VIDEO)


Mornings for parents tend to be tough. On days when you are so tired, you can barely open your eyes are the mornings when the kids are wired and want everything right now. And on the days you are wide awake and need to hustle out the door, the kids won't get out of bed. But nothing wrecks a morning (or day, or night) quite like the insults coming from your kid. They tend to be innocent, yet the way your offspring alerts you of the obvious stings.

Kids are evil. Mom Johanna Stein writes about her mean toddler, and in this painfully accurate video, she shows the ways in which her 4-year-old has insulted her. You're going to be laughing with a hint of oh ... yeah ... kids are evil feeling.


The video, curiously titled "Momhead," has mom Johanna (who authored How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane and Other Lessons in Parenting From a Highly Questionable Source) with a camera strapped to her (you guessed it) head as her dog slobbers on her face acting as an alarm clock. The insults from her 4-year-old start even before her morning coffee making this truly one of the worst ways to wake up.

Are you going to make your face look pretty today or are you going to look like you always do?

There are a lot of hairs on your face ...

Your breath smells like a fart.

Your tummy looks like a bagel.

Your mad face makes me laugh.

The hair on your kiki looks like a squirrel's tail.

When we come home, I'll tell you all the things you did wrong today.


The problem is and what makes this so funny-not-funny is that these insults tend to be true. We have to laugh along with them ... once we fuel up on coffee, maybe take a shower, put on a little mascara, work on that bagel belly by putting a bagel in it. Add more coffee. Make that breath really strong. And we have to remember that our mad face does make our demon spawn laugh. So maybe, just maybe, we do like the annoyingly chipper kid shows do and turn that frown upside down. And remember, there are worst things our kiki could look like. 

Could you relate? What insults has your kid thrown at you?


Image via YouTube

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