7 Mistakes to Avoid When Picking a Halloween Costume for Your Kid

pimp halooween costume kidHalloween is one great excuse to dress up your kids in costumes that will inspire onlookers to do one of two things: swoon and say "that's sooooo cute," or laugh and kowtow to your comic genius. The problem? While pursuing the latter, some parents take it a wee bit too far: too sexy, too creepy, or just plain inappropriate for kids. In an effort to do some preventative damage control, make sure to steer clear of the following colossal mistakes.

  1. Don't go sexual. Don't dress up your girls (or boys for that matter) as strippers, Hooters waitresses, or anything with erotic overtones. It's just weird and makes you look like a child trafficker.
  2. Skip costumes reminiscent of a major tragedy. In other words, don't dress your kid as a little Hitler or anything Nazi-related, like an SS uniform, or your twins as the burning Twin Towers. Why? Because no matter the audience, the Holocaust and 9/11 are so not funny, that's why.
  3. Kids and drugs don't mix. No matter how much you might like to toke up at night, that doesn't mean your kids should be seen in public dressed as a marijuana leaf, joint, bong, or any illicit drug. And for that matter, don't dress up your kid as a legal drug either like a bottle of Jägermeister or a pack of cigarettes. They'll have plenty of time to dabble in that stuff later behind your back.

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  4. Don't make a little kid too scary. Dousing a toddler in blood and gore is probably not a good idea. Why? Because the instant he sees his reflection in a mirror, he will scream! Or even if he doesn't, it's not healthy for your child's self-esteem to see onlookers flinch or go "ewwww" as soon as he enters the room.
  5. No weird religious twists. Dressing your kid as an angel or devil is okay, but beyond that, you're treading on thin ice. Pregnant nun? Pedophile priest? Muslim jihadist with bombs strapped to his body? No.
  6. Don't be a racist. Unless you feel like rubbing an entire minority the wrong way, don't dress your kids as racial stereotypes, like an African-American gangster or an Asian geisha. And for God's sake, same goes for Ku Klux Klan outfits.
  7. Don't dress your kid as a different race, period. For that matter, it's probably not a wise idea to dress your kid as any race other than his own. We know Mr. T has great hair, but still ...

What mistakes have you seen parents make picking a Halloween costume for their kids?


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