Lupita Nyong'o & Elmo Team Up to Help Kids Love the Skin They're In

Have you seen the new video of Lupita Nyong'o and Elmo? An unlikely pair, yes, but the Star Wars: Episode VII actress and lovable red Muppet's collaboration is so powerful, it's ... transformative.

People's Most Beautiful Woman, who has talked openly about how she once felt insecure about her dark skin color, teaches Elmo all about skin. Most importantly, to love the skin he's in.

It's a message Sesame Street aficionados need to hear.


Check it out:

Could Lupita's skin be any more gorgeous? It's positively glistening. The only thing more beautiful than her skin was what she had to say.

"Skin comes in lots of beautiful shades and colors," Nyong'o says after Elmo notices that hers is a "beautiful, brown color." She explains all of the functions of the epidermis and encourages Elmo to take a closer look at his skin. 

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Nyong'o helps Elmo see his skin in a new light and celebrate what makes him unique. All kids need to be reminded to love the skin they're in, to embrace their individuality, to respect others for who they are ... because these lessons are so easy to forget during the phases of childhood.

Nyong'o and Elmo manage to make a sensitive topic interesting and relatable for toddlers. Kudos to Sesame Street for taking it on! Kids need to hear this message over and over before it (hopefully) sinks in.

What do you think of Lupita Nyong'o and Elmo's collaboration on Sesame Street?

Image via Sesame Street

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