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kid taking medicine

Now that cold season is upon us, poor mothers everywhere are suffering along with their little ones. Moms cringe with every cough, feeling helpless as their bundles of energy are reduced to sniffling, cranky couch potatoes. And because they are mothers, they feel the pain twice; once for their child and once for themselves. Of course, they also get to feel joy twice, and that’s what makes all the tough times disappear.


Some of the toughest times for mothers are when their children are sick. Germs seem to love kids. Strains of coughs and colds cycle through households, coming from classmates and friends and hanging on until every last member of the family has gotten a good dose of sickness. And then, just when everyone is finally feeling good, it goes around one more time!

What is frustrating to lots of mothers is their kids’ aversion to some medicines. Mothers can be pretty ingenious and have been known to try all kinds of fascinating tricks in attempts to disguise the taste. It’s been mixed into fruit juice, drizzled on ice cream, refrigerated, delivered through the hold-your-nose-trick, and administered through bribes, aka “if you just swallow this one little spoonful, you can have ...” Oh, kids can be such stubborn little creatures!

But now, moms can find relief for their kids (and themselves!) with Dr. Cocoa.

Dr. Cocoa Cough and Cold Medicine has a real chocolate taste! And that’s something most kids won’t refuse. Made with 10 percent real cocoa, this medicine doesn’t just cover up the “bad” taste, it actually tastes good! It comes in three different formulas. There’s Long-Acting Cough Relief (perfect for school days when the sickness is gone but the cough is lingering), Daytime Cough + Cold Relief and Nighttime Cough + Cold Relief. So, day or night, colds are covered.

Best of all, Dr. Cocoa is more than just a tasty product. It is an FDA-regulated medicine with trusted, effective cold and cough ingredients. In other words, it works!

Fighting pesky germs is just a part of parenthood, but it’s nice to know that moms now have a fighting chance in getting their kids to take their medicine!


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