'Legends' Star Ali Larter Shares a Potty Training Trick Every Mom Can Use

Ali Larter has a lot on her plate these days: Not only has she been pulling 14-hour days shooting the TNT show Legends, but she just announced on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that she's pregnant. Oh, and did we mention she and husband Hayes MacArthur have a son named Theodore who is 3 years old?

Yup, Ali is expecting a baby AND she's smack in the middle of the potty training years! So what's this celeb mama's secret to making it all work? We caught up with her at a Pampers #BabyGotMoves event (Ali's the spokesperson) to find out more.


For starters, Ali admits she's had her share of crazy diaper horror stories. "Learning how to put on the diaper properly when it's a boy -- that's a learning curve!" she says. "You have to face it down" -- a fact she learned the hard way after getting a face full of pee.

Thankfully, 3-year-old Theo was recently potty trained, although the process wasn't entirely smooth sailing. "We had a moment, and then we regressed for a while, which is very normal," she says. "And that's one of the things that you realize: You can't force a moment. And so we just worked with him to figure out the best ways to get him more comfortable with that."

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The one potty training trick she did not cave to is offering candy as a reward. "We try not to just give gifts of food," she says. "We offered more experiential things -- going to the zoo, or taking trips."

Her other secret? Cool underwear!

"Batman underwear literally arrived the night potty training worked," she says. "So I can definitely thank Batman for that!"

Ali says her son is excited to have a sibling on the way. To break the news, "We took him away for the weekend," she says. "We had dinner, and some special gifts that were for him from the baby. And he was really excited, and then he just kinda trotted off and said 'Great!' And so at that moment we realized not to make it a huge deal. We talk about it all the time, but we're not forcing things on him. He's getting his big boy room, so he's really excited about that. And that I think is a big part about transitioning him into this new role."

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All this potty training talk hasn't been forgotten with the new baby on the way ... Theo even had some rather, um, unique name suggestions for his new sibling. "He's got a bunch of them actually -- ones that I'm not going to repeat!," she admits. "He's obsessed with potty terms right now."

Somehow we doubt those names will make it onto the list of contenders.

Got any potty training tips you swear by? What finally got your toddler to stay dry?

Image via Diane Bondareff/Invision for Pampers/AP Images

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