Easy Toddler Art: Fall Leaves Suncatcher

Fall Sticky Window Art Toddler Suncatcher

One of our favorite art activities is creating suncatchers to decorate our windows. If you don't have windows, this works just as well on a wall. Because the adhesive is already on the sticky contact paper, it makes for an easy mess-free way for even young toddlers to create. With summer nearing an end, we decided to make a "fall leaves" suncatcher to welcome the new season. 


Fall Sticky Window Art Toddler Suncatcher

What you'll need for this activity: Clear contact paper (found in the kitchen aisle of a superstore, at a craft store, or on Amazon); thin flat paper or fabric fall leaves (I found ours at Michaels craft store with the fall table scatter decorations); painter's tape or other non-damaging removable tape; scissors.

What to do:

  1. Have an adult use scissors to cut the contact paper to size.
  2. Peel the white paper off and tape the edges of the contact paper sticky side up to your wall or window.
  3. Open the package of fake fall leaves (remember to get leaves that are flat -- leaves that have indentations along the veins will not stick well to the contact paper) and place them on the ground next to your child.
  4. If your child has not used contact paper previously, you may need to show them how the sticky paper will hold the leaves if you press them gently against it. 
  5. Sit back and watch them decorate!

Fall Sticky Window Art Toddler Suncatcher

Note: Most fake fall leaves can be moved around (it will depend on the material the leaves are composed of), making this an activity your child can revisit again and again.

Have you ever made a suncatcher?

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