5 Stylish Storage Ideas for a Happy (& Neat) Little Girl's Room

Ultimately, the room you provide for your child should be a space for them to enjoy, but that doesn't mean toys and chaos. Not only does this happy girl's room have tons of fun little details (love that delightful red bed frame with its gold tipped knobs), but the storage ideas are subtle and stylish yet functional.

Check them out.


Gosh I love a book display system that's both functional and fun. Plenty of good reads there from what I can see!

Nothing fancy here, but I love how tidy and useful everything is while adding a little splash of style. A coat rack is always a good thing, and this one is super cool. The little white nightstand is just the right size!

More shelving and storage solutions, canvas bins on the floor hold toys and other goodies, while the higher shelves display vintage books and other treasures not meant for daily use. 

The wardrobe is another family heirloom piece. You can tell it's been well loved and is right at home in little Matilda's room. A chalkboard hung at just the right height is perfect for daily doodles, and don't you love that funky modern chair? It's a total surprise and fits in wonderfully. 

There are so many things to appreciate in this room, but most of all, I love the happy vibe I feel when I look at these photos. I'm always pleased when I see family treasures put to good use generation after generation. It's such a testament to buying quality pieces of furniture, don't you think? I'd love to hear if you've ever been lucky enough to do the same with your children, let's talk about it below! 


*Matilda's mom, Lesley Graham, has even more details on this fun room!

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