25 Creative 'Potty Words' Parents & Kids Have Come Up With for 'Pee' & 'Poop'

pottyA lot of weird stuff comes out of our mouths when we become parents. And I'm not just talking the high-pitched baby voice we magically acquire once having a kid. I'm talking about the language we use; the nicknames and the synonyms. Water is no longer water, but instead wa-wa. The toilet is no longer the toilet, but instead the potty. And let's not even get into the non-universal, completely wacky words different families and kids use for various things.

On second thought, let's.

Suddenly started using completely immature, positively ridiculous terms for "pee" and "poo" once you had a kid? You're not alone! Here are 25 alternative potty words real families use. And, it's okay. Even though you're an adult, you can laugh.


Alternatives for poop (which is the scientific term, you know):

1. Brown stuff

2. Butterscotch -- "Because I got a butterscotch every time I went when I was little."

3. Caca

4. Da Businesses

5. Potty foods

6. Play-Doh

7. Poops

8. Witches' poo -- for, um, non-solid bowel movements

9. Poopers

10. Poop-a-doop

11. Potty animals

12. Doodie

13. Doo doo

14. Dookie

15. Poo poo balls

Alternatives for pee:

1. Peeps -- Note: FOUR people polled use, or used, this term

2. Tinkies

3. Tinkers

4. Wee-wee

5. Piddles

6. Make water

7. One-ies -- "This stemmed from 'number one.'"

8. "My daughter used to say she needed to go potty 'from her front butt.'"

9. "Do like Jackson" -- This stemmed from a little girl seeing her dog, Jackson, go to the bathroom.

10. Psssssss -- Note: "Not 'piss,' but the noise pee makes when it comes out."

What funny words do your kids, or you, have for pee and poo?


Image via thejbird/Flickr

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