A Playroom Where Kids Can Learn AND Have Fun at the Same Time!

I think playrooms are the holy grail when it comes to features you want in your home. A designated room with a door that shuts, where you can stow all the toys and kid stuff. Heaven!

This particular playroom has an educational twist with a Montessori-style setup, and I have to admit, it's appealing. I've always been a fan of the tactile learning approach, and this room seems to have some really good things going on in that department. Click through to see more! 


A giant reminder on the wall of why we're here, folks. Just play! I love the snuggly striped chair in the corner, an ideal spot to curl up with a good book. That fun little table and chairs provide a great place to work on projects, or host a tea party if you like. Options! 

Mirrors and activity boards hung at kid level are the perfect height for exploration and fun. 

I adore the simplicity of the artwork and prints hung on the wall with basic clips. Easy and effective, two of my favorite things.   

Stylish baskets and our trusty Expedit shelving (are they really being discontinued?!) provide for lots of handy storage -- a playroom must!

Lots of good things going on in this space and I'm finding myself thinking about how I might apply the Montessori approach in my own home.

Curious if you've put together a space for your child with similar features? I'd love to hear how it went!

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