2014 Toy Fair Gives Us Eco-Friendly Toys Parents Can Actually Afford

Moms, let's face it; buying toys for your kids is not as much fun as it should be. You have to worry about lead and toxins and what is all that plastic doing to the environment?!

Answer: it's slowly, but surely, destroying it. So we'd love to do anything to do our part and help save this pretty green planet. Starting with the toys we hand the kids.

And good news, Mom. The toy industry is finally listening! 

We checked out this year's American International Toy Fair, and they've gone green.

These eco-friendly toys are made from recyclable materials, feature no harmful dyes or colors, and are completely reusable (hello, nice hand-me-downs!). They also don't require batteries so there's no exposure to deadly toxins that can pollute the air, water, and eventually the entire ecosystem. Since they're incredibly difficult to dispose of (not to mention expensive), we'd prefer to just ditch them entirely and embrace our eco-loving toys. Plus, we feel better for buying them and scoring some major environmental karma points!

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Don't worry, I know what you're thinking. Aren't environmental toys so much more expensive? And the answer is: not necessarily. We found many of the Toy Fair items to be quite affordable, on top of being good for the planet. It's a win-win. And since they're battery-less, you'll save major moolah when you're not running out to CVS for another dreaded $15 pack (not to mention not filling the landfill with extra dead batteries).

Looking for green toys for the kids? Here's some of what's coming down the pike for parents this year.

Would you buy any of these for your kids?

Image via Suzee Skwiot

  • Doodle Quest by Blue Orange Games; $24.99


    Image via Blue Orange Games


    The eco-friendly company plants two trees for every tree used to make their games! So while the kiddies are doodling away on their crafty underwater quests, you can feel good about saving the forests. One game at a time.

  • Learning Blocks by Play Toys; $10


    Image via Suzee Skwiot

    These new development blocks let kids learn Braille while also learning number recognition. Better yet, the company uses environmentally-friendly materials like organic rubberwood, e-zero glue, water-based dyes, and soy and water-based ink so every part of the toy is 100 percent green.

  • City Story Deluxe by Urban Canvas; $55


    Image via Urban Canvas

    The cardboard city landscape lets kids color on the buildings but is sculpted out of durable recyclable material that’s reversible and reusable. It's practically an endless game.

  • Natural DIY Lip Balm Kit; $21.95


    Image via Kiss Naturals

    It’s a DIY kit for the younger kids, made with all-natural ingredients. There are no fillers, additives, dyes, or synthetics so you can feel safe about having the kids apply the numerous customized shiny glosses.

  • Top Ball by Rubbabu; $6.95


    Image via Rubbabu

    These foam balls are meant to help improve motor skills in babies and toddlers and are made from 100 percent natural rubber foam from a bio-degradable and renewable tree. The company also debuted a new line of desk accessories at this year's Toy Fair, designed specifically for the school-aged kids.

  • GEO Puzzle World by GeoToys; $15.99


    Image via GeoToys

    GeoToys' full line of jigsaw puzzles helps kids learn world geography and they're made from all 100 percent recyclable materials that will directly help save the world they're learning about.

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