This Cool Kids' Room Has One Dramatic Feature That Really Makes It Stand Out

Nurseries might catch the lion's share of my attention, but I can't pass up a cool kids' room when I see it, either. This one caught my eye, and I knew I had to share. Yes we've got black and white, but with a little splash of neon pink for dramatic effect.

Click to see more of this hip space for Addison below!


The polka-dot wall is perfect, I'm willing to bet they're removable decals, which makes it even better. How do you feel about the exposed garment rack for hanging clothes? I think it's fun! 

Addison has a love for superheroes and all things girly, so a hot pink bed and a personalized Batman portrait make perfect sense.   

How awesome is that marquee "A"? I hope it really lights up! World's coolest nightlight. The MCM dresser is a classic piece as well, a wonderful addition to any space. 

I'll never stop loving reading nooks and tee pees. They make a charming feature in any kid's room. Doesn't it look cozy?  

I specifically wanted to show you this photo for the clever storage idea. A magnet board plus clipboards and wire magazine racks make for great places to stash books, magazines, artwork, and homework projects. Super smart -- and stylish too!

There's a lot of good stuff going on in this room, and I think any little girl would be so lucky to have such a hip space to call her own. I love a good, clean aesthetic, but the bright pops of pink are a super fun way to add a little flair.

I'd love to know if you've ever used a bold color like this in your child's room? Let's talk it over in the comments below!

* See more details on this room over at Chasing Sunshine.

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