Major Pacifier Recall Due to Choking Hazard: All the Details

Chill Baby Artiste Pacifier

The CPSC is recalling 200,000 Fred & Friends pacifiers because there's a risk that children can choke while using them. Three different pacifiers are involved in the recall, all of which have novelty themes meant to make your toddler look extra cute.

First, the Chill Baby Artiste Pacifier features a mustache and beard that could potentially break off. Second, the Chill Baby Volume Control Pacifier has a volume knob that may detach. It also has ventilation holes that are too small, which is the problem associated with the third one recalled, the Chill Baby Panic Button Pacifier.


Out of the 200,000 pacifiers recalled, 183,000 were sold in the United States, while 17,000 were sold in Canada. Retailers had them between April and December of 2013, and they could be purchased in gift shops, department stores, and toy stores.

If your child uses one or more of these pacifiers, make sure to take it away immediately. You are eligible for a $12 refund from Fred & Friends, which you can receive by calling (855) 346-6372. You can also visit for more information.

Even if your toddler no longer uses a pacifier, it might be a good idea to let family members and friends with small children know about the recall in case they happen to have one of the affected pacifiers in their household. As of yet, no injuries have been reported to children who have used them, but the risk of choking is definitely enough to convince any parent to get rid of them right away.

Does your toddler use one of these pacifiers?


Image via CPSC

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