This Colorful, Magical Child's Bedroom Is Like a Real-Life Wonderland


If all children were lucky enough to have Meta from One More Mushroom as their mama, they'd have bedrooms as sweet and lovely as little Maja's. From the giant chalkboard wall to the brightly printed Marimekko curtains, this room is full of magic. See more below! 


The perfect chair in the perfect spot! So much natural light to bask in. 

You can see a bit of the beautiful bed that Meta herself slept in as a girl and then handed down to little Maja. It was an antique find of Meta's mother years ago. Such lovely detail and history! I'm so enamored of the open closet and shelving. Such a great way to make use of a space that's usually shut behind doors.  

More delightful details. The cube shelves are adorable and functional, and how great is that tiny desk? 

Here's an closeup view of the closet shelving and storage. I just love the low-hanging clothes and the way the books are split between the shelves and yet stacked perfectly. I'm sure they don't stay that way for long, but for now everything looks just right.

There's just so much to adore about this room, especially the bright colors, happy patterns, and vintage treasures so artfully scattered around. It manages to look lived-in and well-designed at the same time. Quite an accomplishment, if you ask me. 

One thing I really appreciate about this room is the careful incorporation of special pieces like the gorgeous heirloom bed. It's very meaningful and could just as easily been one of those things tucked away until later for safety's sake. How wonderful that it's being used and loved again now!

What are your thoughts about this room and the use of mementos like that bed? Have you ever passed something down and had it used rather than stored away? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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