6 Signs Your Toddler Is Ready for Potty-Training

toddler on pottyAs with all milestones, there's no magic age that toddlers are ready for potty-training. (Wouldn't that be so easy?!) Every kid progresses at their own pace, and just because your friend's 2-year-old is going in the potty, doesn't mean it's time yours follows suit. Most parents tend to start potty training between 2 1/2 and 3 years old, but your little one may be ready for it earlier or later if he or she displays a few of these tell-tale signs. 

Here are 6 signs your toddler might be ready to make the switch from diapers to the potty.


1. Does your child has an understanding of what it means to go to the bathroom like an adult, and has an interest in it? Since you give up your right to use the restroom in peace once you have a child, your little one likely has an idea of what you're doing when you sit down on the bowl. Are they interested in it? Do they seem intrigued when you say, "Would you like to try going pee-pee on the potty?" If they seem into it, they might be ready. If they show zero interest whatsoever, maybe wait a bit longer.

2. Are they capable of sitting still(ish) for a period of two to five minutes? A crucial part of going to the bathroom -- sitting down! If your little one is still a wiggle worm who's hard to slow down, might want to hold off.

3. Do they stay dry for periods of two hours or longer? If so, this is an indication that they're gaining more bladder control, and they might be ready for potty training.

4. Is your child aware when they're in the process of going to the bathroom? Whether they feel the need to announce it to the world, or they just stand there going while knowingly looking at you, your toddler should have a grasp of this. Otherwise, they won't know when it's time.

5. Is your child in a cooperative stage? Any parent of a toddler can tell you, they're either willing to cooperate or they're defiant as all get out. If your child is more of the latter right now, probably best to wait.

6. Are your child's bowel movements fairly predictable? Do they urinate a fair amount in one sitting? If so, potty training will be easier -- for both of you.

When do plan on potty training your child?


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