20 Insanely Creative Stroller Costume Ideas for Halloween

20 Insanely Creative Stroller Costume Ideas for Halloween

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When your little ones are still in a stroller, it's hard to really dress them up for Halloween. Sure, you can buy or make them an adorable costume, but let's be honest, costumes just don't have the same effect when kids are in carriages. They can't show 'em off as well! Unless ... the stroller is part of the costume. Maybe you're a little crafty, or maybe you're a mom who is excited for her baby's first Halloween -- either way, stroller decorating might just be the thing you're looking for!

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From rocket ships to Dracula's tomb, we found some epic baby stroller costume ideas that are going to make your baby look absolutely *kisses finger tips* perfect!

Some parents are DIY rock stars, while others need an easier start into baby costume mania. But trust us, dressing your babies up is one of the great joys before they start asking to be superheros ... every year. So take your time and think about all the possibilities for your baby's Halloween stroller. It might even start a whole new Halloween tradition.

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Crafty moms, get out your fabric sheers because here are 20 costumes that you'll be dying to try!


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