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16 Totally Hilarious Kids' Halloween Costume Fails

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Oh, parents. We start off with the best of intentions. We make our kids the perfect Halloween costume -- or, more likely, we buy it after carting them around to 17 different stores. And then things go horribly, terribly, frightfully wrong. So, what do we do? Take a photo and post it on the Internet, of course. For posterity! Here are some of the funniest kids' Halloween costume fails from all over the Internet that no one should go through the season without seeing.

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From the parents who really did try to DIY something insanely creative, to the ones who ended up with an unintentional dud from the local costume shop, these photos prove that in parenthood, things almost never go as planned, and sometimes even the best of intentions can end up turning into a hilarious #fail in real life.

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Perhaps it was a manufacturer error that took a Halloween costume from "whoa, cool" to "oh no!" Or maybe Dad just got a little crazy with the glue gun and should have left the hard stuff to the professionals. Either way, these hilarious costume flops and fails add just a little more joy (and a whole lot of laughter) to everyone's favorite holiday: Halloween.

1Pumpkin Head

It's like the Headless Horseman meets clumsy Ichabod Crane meets a kid. What child wouldn't like to spend the evening with their head inside a slimy gourd?

2Please Don't Squeeze The Charmin

So you've decided to dress your baby up like toilet paper. Hey, we can't blame you, costume ideas are hard and you are sure to have a roll in the house to serve as inspiration. And we must admit, this baby does look huggably soft.

4Not a Loofah, This Little Boy Is Dressed Like a Fart

It's hard to call this costume a "fail" because it is just SO well done. This fart costume is perfection -- if you can call a fart costume perfection. Let this boy live his dream, we say.

6Scooby Don't?

Someone in the planning stages of this costume was verrry sure they could make a DIY Scooby head, and you know what? It kind of looks like a poop emoji. But that's okay! We couldn't have done it better ourselves. Plus, it was made with love.

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7Pink Pony of Terror

Dressing up for Halloween should be an exciting experience for your child -- that is, unless your child is utterly terrified of her costume. Her little face says it all. It was never supposed to be like this, Pink Pony costume.

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8Vroom, vroom?

So the head and the legs look sort of boss, but this Transformer costume does look sort of silly when this kid's in car mode. Though a night hanging out in your pj's with a giant truck head on does sound like a good Halloween to us!

9A Throne for Your Little Princess

We have to give some props -- this is a VERY realistic toilet costume that this little girl is wearing. And we have to give her credit for wearing this porcelain palace on her tiny little body. Such strength from such a little flusher!

10Angry Bug

If you're happy and you know it, clap your -- oh. Looks like someone is super grumpy about being forced to rock a lady bug costume. We admire the thought put into this costume, though -- even if it's wearer looks less than thrilled about Halloween.


This definitely came from parents who realized at the last second that they had no costumes planned for Halloween and instead let their kids walk around in trash bags all night. It happens to the best of us. At least these two "raisins" had each other to laugh about this later with.

12Taco Tyke

Okay, okay, so it's a cute idea to dress a baby like a taco. Obviously tacos are delicious and beloved by everyone. BUT something tells us that little taco is going to have a hard time staying upright under the weight of all those toppings. This is a "fail" in the making -- but it's a cute one!

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13Knight in Paper Armor

Bringing new meaning to the term "white knight," this costume is made completely out of paper plates. Innovative? Yes. A tiny bit silly? Yes. But we have to hand it to this kid, he doesn't seem to notice and looks like he is having a great time! Hope it doesn't rain.

15It's Horse Feed!

Yes, that's a child dressed as horse feed. Sometimes you need to get a little creative with a cardboard box. This quick fix involved some A+ horse drawings, and though she had some stiff competition in the classroom contest, this little girl won the costume competition in our hearts.

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