16 Totally Hilarious Kids' Halloween Costume Fails

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Oh, parents. We start off with the best of intentions. We make our kids the perfect Halloween costume -- or, more likely, we buy it after carting them around to 17 different stores. And then things go horribly, terribly, frightfully wrong. So, what do we do? Take a photo and post it on the Internet, of course. For posterity! Here are some of the funniest kids' Halloween costume fails from all over the Internet that no one should go through the season without seeing.


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From the parents who really did try to DIY something insanely creative, to the ones who ended up with an unintentional dud from the local costume shop, these photos prove that in parenthood, things almost never go as planned, and sometimes even the best of intentions can end up turning into a hilarious #fail in real life.

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Perhaps it was a manufacturer error that took a Halloween costume from "whoa, cool" to "oh no!" Or maybe Dad just got a little crazy with the glue gun and should have left the hard stuff to the professionals. Either way, these hilarious costume flops and fails add just a little more joy (and a whole lot of laughter) to everyone's favorite holiday: Halloween.

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