5 Genius Ways to Save Kids' Artwork (Without the Clutter)

Keepy appIf you have a toddler, you're likely drowning in a sea of artwork. There are probably paintings on your wall, drawings on your refrigerator, and piles of every little paper plate, paper towel roll, and popsicle stick creation they've ever made everywhere.

It's enough to make a clutter-hating mom go mad ... or start throwing things out (shhh!). Of course, then there's the guilt, but there's a point at which enough is enough. Fear not, though, there is a host of great ways to keep the artwork and clear the clutter.


1. Keepy

In a word, this app is: brilliant. It lets you take pictures of any and all art, then organize, share, and save it forever. It will blow your mind ... and open up so much storage space in your home!

2. Make a collage

The Huffington Post has the EASY directions that anyone can follow, but it basically involves tearing up pieces of the artwork and gluing them to a canvas. The result -- one really cool piece of abstract art that holds a lot of memories. 

3. Share It With the World

Another cool app, Art My Kid Made, lets you share your kids' artwork with the world. It's kind of like a kids' social network for artwork.

4. Make a Mini Gallery

This service from Art Eater is beyond cool. It takes 30 pieces of your kids' artwork and turns them into one amazing piece of art. It's expensive for them to do it for you ($547), but I bet some of you crafty types could use it for inspiration and do something similar yourselves.

5. Store it in mailing tubes

If you really want to keep the physical copies of the artwork, storing it in mailing tubes is one of the cleverest ways I've seen to do so. Just roll it up and label them by years. You can also keep one to fill with things for grandma and grandpa and ship it off when it's full.

How do you store your kids' artwork?


Image via Keepy

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