8 Non-Toxic Toddler-Friendly Sunscreens

babo botanicals sunscreenProtecting your toddler from the sun is tricky. You probably want to use the most non-toxic sunscreen you possibly can. So that means those giant, cheap cans of aerosol sunscreen spray are not such a great choice, especially for small children. But how to get the stuff on a little person who won't sit still long enough?

Here's a list of toddler-friendly, non-toxic sunscreens you may want to check out. A lot of these are sunscreen sticks, which I LOVE. Instead of trying to grab your child with slippery sunscreen lotion all over your hands, you just grab your kid and "draw" the sunscreen all over them. The stuff is often chalky, so you can tell what you've covered. But since they're still young, they don't care how it looks (well, most toddlers won't).


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I also listed a few pump sprays because it's easier to nab a squirming, restless toddler that way. (Pump sprays are generally safer than aerosol sprays.) The Environmental Working Group ranks them a little lower in being toxin-free. But these are probably the best of the bunch.

California Baby Unscented Sunblock Stick: This is my favorite stick. I've been using it for years -- on myself and on my kid.

NonToxic_Toddler_SunscreensSmart Kids Who Play Sunscreen Stick: Here's another great one.

Adorable Baby Sunscreen Stick: This year I started noticing some new, non-chalky sunscreen sticks that go on clear. This one touts itself as non-nano. That means there aren't extra-tiny particles that can invade below the surface of your child's skin. 

Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sports Stick: This is another clear stick you can use on the face and ears for a day at the playground. It's non-sticky, but also sweatproof.

The Honest Company Sunscreen: Yup, that's Jessica Alba's company. It's not a stick, just the lotion. But I have to admit, I dig the beautiful design. I guess this is more for the moms? 

TruBaby Water and Play Sunscreen: Another great lotion sunscreen that will protect your toddler while they run in and out of the water. This brand makes a stick version as well. 

BabyGanics Cover Up Baby Sunscreen Spray: Here's a sunscreen spray that does pretty well according to the Environmental Working Group, though not as well as the lotions and sticks.

Goddess Garden Sunny Kids Natural Sunscreen Spray: This one is also among the best of the sprays, as is Coola Suncare Sport Sunscreen Spray (more gorgeous packaging, too).

Do you have any favorite toddler-friendly sunscreens you can recommend?


Image via Babo Botanicals

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