Latest on Autism Shows What Your Kid Eats Could Make a Difference (VIDEO)

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Seems like every other minute there's another "autism breakthrough" -- from air pollution to antibodies produced during pregnancy to vaccines, so many potential causes have been identified (and in some cases, debunked), it's tough to keep track of them all. But the findings of a recent study on autism really could represent a breakthrough, particularly in the treatment of the disorder: Researchers who studied the gut bacteria of 20 autistic and 20 healthy children found that autistic children "not only had far less gut bacteria, but also had much lower diversity." Says Arizona State University researcher Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown, PhD: "One of the reasons we started addressing this topic is the fact that autistic children have a lot of GI problems that can last into adulthood. Studies have shown that when we manage these problems, their behavior improves dramatically."


Pretty fascinating, right? Not to mention hopeful -- fixing gut bacteria is a fairly straightforward and simple treatment including making dietary changes (usually eliminating gluten and dairy) and adding supplements (heavy duty probiotics) ... and just imagine the potentially amazing results! According to chiropractor and nutritionist Robert Melillo:

“People with autism have an overactive immune response, and they develop antibodies against too many foods, chemicals, and even their own tissue. Identifying those substances and eliminating them from the child’s diet or reducing their exposure to these antigens reduces the inflammation and reduces many of the symptoms of autism.”

Check out this video for more info:

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Are you surprised to hear about a possible link between digestive disorders and autism?

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