5 Items Every Parent Needs to Pack for a Perfect Beach Day With the Kids

toddler at the beach

When you have a kid, going to the beach isn't quite as relaxing as it once was (no more falling asleep on the sand while you tan your tummy!). But nonetheless, it's still a blast.

But you want to be prepared when going to the beach with the kids. You need to be prepared. In case you haven't noticed, toddlers aren't quite as understanding and patient as adults. If they're hot, bored, hungry, or tired, you're going to know about it. In fact, the whole beach may know about it. So do yourself a favor and cover all your bases. Here are 5 items every parent needs to pack when they're heading to the beach with the kiddos.

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  • Sunscreen


    Okay, so it's not a "fun" beach item, but let me tell you: If you forget the sunscreen and your little one gets a burn, it will be a very "un-fun" time later on.

  • Pail and Shovel


    What beach day would be complete without digging in the sand and building castles? Every mom needs a shovel and pail in their bag when they're heading to the beach with their toddler.

  • A Bag for Collecting Seashells


    Seashells are a great memento from your trip to the beach. Your child will love combing through the sand and water to find the perfect shell -- and as an added bonus, the two of you can paint the shells after getting home.

  • Snacks


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    I mean, does any mom go anywhere with her kid without snacks? Sure, there will be hot dog stands and ice cream trucks ad nauseum, but it's best to just have stuff on hand. Not only will your treats be healthier -- no waiting in long lines in the sweltering heat.

  • An Umbrella




    It may be a pain to lug across the sand, but believe you me, your kids -- and you -- will be happy you have a respite from the sun.

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