Fun & Fabulous Finnish Decor for Your Toddler's Room

You all know I'm a sucker for Scandinavian style and this sweet room for little Thelma in Finland has me smiling ear to ear. What girly girl wouldn't die for bubblegum pink floors?

Click through to see more fun details below:


Cute poms, polka dot stickers and a bright yellow bed stand in contrast to the white paneled ceiling and walls. I love it!

This little stack of vintage looking suitcases and lunchboxes is so fun and full of patterns and colors. Delightful!

I feel like this room has a kitschy, almost retro vibe without feeling cluttered and overdone.  

The glossy pink floors are kind of my favorite part. The furniture is simple in comparison to such a bold feature, but I think it all works together so nicely. 

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What do you think? Have you ever considered painting wood floors or does that seem a little too bold to you? I want to know!


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