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8 Totally Tasteless Toddler T-Shirts

barely legalA dad was clothes shopping for his four-year-old daughter when he came across what he at first thought was a perfectly nice t-shirt. But then he saw what it read: "BARELY LEGAL" in pink camouflage lettering -- and "HUSTLER" in there, too, in case you didn't get the point. What the! He posted a photo of the shirt to Reddit, saying, "carried it around for about five minutes before I read the text and threw up in my mouth a little."

Ugh, what was that t-shirt company thinking? And who would buy such a t-shirt for a four-year-old girl? Shudder. But hey, there's more where that came from. The Internet is FULL of bad ideas for toddler t-shirts.

2I Like Shiny Things

"I like shiny things, just like Mommy." Ugh, really? Bling-obsessed bimbo, just like Mommy!

3Daddy's Little Squirt

Daddy's little what? I mean, we all know, but... TMI. Not what we want to think about when we're looking at your adorable little toddler.

5I'm This Many

Well that's just great. You're off to a terrific start.

6Hung Like Daddy

You know what? There is not a single age at which we'd want to hear this from a guy. Not a single age.


So much wrong here.

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