A Little Girl's Room in Black and White: Love It or Hate It?

I can't wait to hear what you guys think about this particular room! Designer Rachel from Copy Cat Chic put together this black and white room for her toddler daughter Arden. I personally love a basic color palette like this, but I know for some people, it can seem a little stark. 

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The polka dots on the wall are kind of my favorite. Believe it or not, they're simply removable file folder stickers. The bed? A garage sale score. 

Isn't that dresser gorgeous? I know painted wood is a huge thing right now, but I love a natural finish, too. And this one seems to have aged in an almost ombre fashion. I can't tell if it was intentionally done or a happy accident.

I think this room manages to mix natural wood with painted finishes really well. 

Chalkboards are always a win with children, and did you notice the doorknobs? So pretty!

I'm really digging this striped rug -- it's huge! And the drapes were found at Lowe's. 

Hooks hung within easy reach for little arms are perfect for keeping jackets and bags in order. 

I really like how most of the treasures in this room were budget finds and can be sourced from places like Amazon and Lowe's. I think we can all appreciate less dents in our wallets when it comes to decorating.

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Wish there were more color in this toddler's room, or is it just right in black and white?

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