How to Make Your Own Kite With Your Kids

kiteIt's spring! You know what that means? It's kite season! Hey, don't knock it; you do realize keeping a kite up in the air means your kid will run, and run, and RUN all that energy out, right?

OK, so now that I sold you on the best spring activity EVER, do you have a kite? No? Well then it's good thing I'm about to tell you how to make a kite with the kids, isn't it?


The fact is, I'm not very Martha. Seriously, I'm why the words Pinterest Fail exist! But over the years I've found some pretty fab how-tos on the web that can fit ANY family's needs. So without further ado ...

Kite Making Ideas

1. Paper Bag Kite: Save yourself some cash (and frustration) and use stuff you probably have around the house with this kite tutorial from Free Home School Deals.

2. Sled Kite: Ever heard of a Boka Boka? That's another name for a Philippine sled kite, and they're super easy to make with this how-to from the folks behind National Kite Month (which is April, in case you were wondering).

3. Fabric Kite: If you've got a knack for sewing, the beauty of this quilted kite from Doe C Doe is something you're going to want to try.

4. Duct Tape Kite: Duct tape doesn't just fix everything, it can be used to MAKE everything these days! Even a kite!

5. Stained Glass Kite: OK, so these are kites that you hang on the window rather than take outside, but they're a great project for the kids on a stormy spring day. Make and Takes has all the details!

Have you ever attempted to make a kite with the kiddos? How did you do it?


Images via Ryan Somma/Flickr; ©

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